Divi & WooCommerce just got even better

We have just released Divi Commerce V1.5, we are on a journey towards releasing V2. here what new in V1.5.

  • Tab Customizer
  • Sections & hide elements
  • Woo Commerce Form Styler
  • Custom top & bottom sections

Video Set- Prepping Images for Blogging, and Creating a WordPress Blog Post




Blogging is one of the most important things you can do on your website. But are you preparing your images the right way before you upload them? Are you filling in all the fields you should be to best optimize your SEO? Do you feel like blogging takes forever and is a chore because you don’t have a solid workflow? These 2 videos will help answer all your questions. I walk through my entire process of how I create a blog post- starting with full size jpg exports from a photo session, through the process of resizing, optimizing, and renaming them- using Blogstomp, Lightroom, and Photoshop. Then I walk through the process of actually creating a post in WordPress. I go over all the fields you’ll see in your post, and how you may want to utilize them so they work best on your theme. Build yourself a solid workflow and take the pain out of the blogging process!


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